UGH! The last time I saw a movie that should have been great and most everyone said was great that turned out to be a huge stinker was Titanic in 1997.

It’s almost unbelievable. The story is very thin and an hour easy could have been trimmed from this 2 hour and 44 minute film and the possibility exists it could have been cut in half. So, it’s basically a style over substance film and the style portion isn’t that great, either. This Blade Runner world doesn’t even look as good as The Final Cut of Blade Runner in 2007 and the drawn-out portions from the 2049 Blade Runner do nothing to help immerse the viewer in the Blade Runner world, unlike the original.

Everybody plays their part well, but it takes half the movie to get to Harrison Ford’s Deckard, something that was well advertised as being a major part of the movie. And some of the twists are very predictable, [SPOILER] notably the one where Ryan Gosling’s K is not the baby of Deckard and Rachael, as the “twist” that he was the baby occurred too early in the film for it to be real.

There’s another problem with this movie that didn’t sit well with me at all – its misogynistic. We live in a world now where there’s an ongoing war on men from one half of the country and people like the Harvey Weinstein’s, the Matt Lauer’s and the Larry Nassar’s of the world have tipped society to misandry, something equally as bad as misogyny and it’s stunning that the movie is like this and more reviewers didn’t note this. All women are objects in this film, except for Lieutenant Joshi, who is played by legendary Robin Wright, but really, this character could have been played by anyone. For half of the movie there’s giant naked women on the screen for no good reason. Being a heterosexual guy, I normally wouldn’t take huge exception to this, but it really, really looks bad when combined with the major theme of the movie that is outright terrible – that women are only really good for giving birth.

So it’s either barefoot or pregnant for women. I’m surprised they didn’t keep one in the kitchen if there was one that was neither. Oh wait, that’s EXACTLY WHAT THE MOVIE OPENED WITH. I must have forgotten because that was fucking three hours ago.

This movie is garbage and it’s a shocking whiff from director Denis Villeneuve, whose previous two efforts, Arrival and Sicario, were great. And Ridley Scott said this was the best script or something he had ever seen? Bullshit. I was dumb enough to purchase this on Blu-Ray because I figured I would be watching it a second time and I’m really pissed that I did.

Grade: D

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