There’s a scene in Red Dawn (the original one, not the shitty remake) where Colonel Andy Tanner takes Jed Eckert to the front line of the fighting in World War III where tanks are shooting at one another and planes are dropping napalm on either side, as both sides have gone conventional after initial nuclear exchanges. An exchange between the two characters goes:

Jed Eckert: So this is the battlefield?
Colonel Andy Tanner: It’s a real war, kid. It’s here every day.

We’re currently in the “events leading to” section of the Second American Civil War; that’s been evident for a couple of years now. The current front line has been twitter and that’s the reason I’ve been sucked into twitter – it really is a live look at the battle being waged for America. Initially, I started logging on to twitter to follow meteorologists, but when the politics of the 2016 Presidential election cycle started getting real ugly in later 2015, I expanded my horizons.

Today, those two worlds, meteorology and politics, collided as they often do, but today’s result was an epic napalming.

I have to first give a little background. Dr. Ryan Maue was one of the earliest people I followed on twitter because he’s the best meteorologist out there. Period. He earned my respect with his personal site back when he was studying the tropics in the PhD program and links to his site appeared on Anthony Watts’ “Watts Up With That?” blog from time to time. On twitter, he earned my respect even more because he basically wasn’t afraid to call bullshit when bullshit was evident.

Unsurprisingly, Maue has his detractors because of this too. Just take a look at some of the comments here from idiot weather weenies on the American Weather forum topic of his leaving WeatherBell recently; at least one of those comments is demonstrably false:

Between Hurricane Harvey and now Irma, all of the climate change and global warming crazies, basically anyone who leans left (including the mainstream media), are out in full force on twitter talking about the end of the world and how the two hurricanes are evidence of man made climate change getting out of control. They’ve conveniently forgotten the fact that 12 YEARS without a major hurricane causing destruction in the states completely negated their argument.

It was only a matter of time before a major skirmish between the two forces (pro-climate change religious zealots and rational meteorologists) occurred and the true napalm came out, and that occurred today. “Journalist” Kurt Eichenwald, who is a total clown, there really is no other way to put it, had this to say today:

“I’m not a scientist. I used a climate change equation &, using sea surface temps, predicted Irma intensity growth & timing. 100% correct.”

I can’t link to the original tweet, because it has since been deleted. Ryan Maue subsequently stated:

“I am a hurricane scientist and this is bullshit. That’s all.”

It’s enormously hilarious; thank God there’s at least one meteorologist out there not afraid to call bullshit on this stuff, but it got an extra boost of hilarity when David Burge, the overall funniest and wittiest person on twitter (I’ve been a long time follower of his too) chimed in with:

With a reaction like that from Burge, you know Maue’s takedown of Eichenwald was fucking gold.

There really is a war for America going on between emotional utter morons who honestly believe they are smart because they’ve been repeatedly told they are geniuses in their echo chambers and those who are rational, logical and simply want America to continue to be a great country. Both left and right sides believe they are in the latter camp, but as a political independent and relatively neutral observer, I can confirm only one is significantly closer than the other. Twitter is the current battlefield and it’s there every day, kid.

Another logical and rational opinion I saw today on twitter, this one apparently grabbed from facebook:

In a quite refreshing “when they go low, we go high” moment, CNN used its journalism resources to investigate news that matters to all Americans on Independence Day in a show of moral strength after Trump tweeted that pixelated video of him body slamming CNN.

Yea, right. CNN became the news after tracking down the person who may or may not have made the meme on reddit, found some older possibly anti-Semite stuff and publicly threatened him in an article. How CNN deemed that national newsworthy is beyond virtually anyone on the internet. In a North Korea-like move, the redditor was forced to make an apology to his dear overlords for the posting of a lame meme and has been forced to state he will never do it again.

I haven’t seen the supposedly anti-Semite stuff, but he supposedly put stars of David next to pictures of CNN staff pointing out that CNN was disproportionately Jewish, which really is no different than someone pointing out a place is disproportionately Christian and not that far from noting a place is mostly white.

Not only were CNN’s actions stupid and unethical, they were likely felonious as well.

All of this lit the internet on fire and after the backlash quickly stormed in and those in 4chan and /pol/ announced an immediate war on CNN, CNN then tried to backtrack, of course.

This shouldn’t have to be said, but this stuff is the reason the mainstream media (and by extension, Democrats) lost and are still losing. The left is so obnoxious that the right looks really good in comparison.

  • How and why is it that someone like Piers Morgan had the most sensible article about the CNN/Trump feud a day before CNN said it was going to dox the guy?
  • How and why is it that CNN is so low that they make a possible anti-Semite shit-poster with a shit-handle of “HanAssholeSolo” a martyr?
  • How and why did CNN make Trump look like the mature, older child?

The truth is, CNN hasn’t been a news organization in decades. I formally gave up on CNN and the rest of the mainstream media during the later summer of 1996 when they harassed Richard Jewell for weeks stating he was the Atlanta bomber and that he had a “hero complex.” Everyone knows that’s not true now, but it was still obvious pure obnoxious speculation on the part of CNN (and others) then and it lasted 24/7 for weeks. When the truth came out, it was difficult for me to ever take the mainstream media seriously again and nothing they have done in the mean time has gotten me back.

Like so many other people in police and security forces, Jewell got nothing but shit for doing his job and saving countless lives by noticing the bomb before it detonated and alerting police so that people could be evacuated.

Prior to that was the obnoxious coverage of the OJ Simpson trial. Somehow in the middle of the already enormously stupid coverage, the media believed that Marcia Clark’s hair style was THE story of our lifetime, and some are STILL pushing that story in modern times.

Round-the-clock criticism of Marcia Clark’s hair was blatantly sexist, something that was completely lost on the supposedly progressive mainstream media and others criticizing the hair.

Shit like this is the reason decent numbers of people turned to independent blogs in the 2000s. For example, for me, I read Anthony Watts’ blog, who is a retired meteorologist, and Steve McIntyre’s blog, who is a Canadian statistician, for insight into “climate change” and “global warming” papers that the mainstream media refused to perform. Meanwhile at the time, places like CNN had their steady “we will all be dead in a decade from global warming” drumbeat going saying anyone even slightly skeptical of that was worse than Hitler. In the early teens, there was shit like gleefully reporting that a shitty youtube video with virtually no views was responsible for the Benghazi terror attack. Today, I’m sure there’s real news out there to be uncovered if news outlets would do their fucking job, but instead we’re stuck watching two toddlers fighting.

The latest problems for CNN come after Kathy Griffon got fired, three “journalists” got fired for an entirely fake article against Trump and other retractions and nonsense that I’ve hardly paid attention to. As of this writing, the internet has declared “it is the end of cnn.”

Anyway, at least watching CNN implode is fun and more people understanding that the MSM is trash is a positive takeaway, even though the fall of America continues in spectacular and depressing fashion.

P.S. I’ve got a breaking news tip for CNN. I found out that the person who tweeted that meme lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington, D.C. Go get him, tiger!

A major international news story broke this past week: a mysterious new land mass has risen from the Atlantic ocean overnight in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle. Full of old shipwrecks and whale bones, it’s a very dangerous place to get to because sharks and stingrays constantly circle it. Few are fortunate enough to get to it after a long voyage at sea and many rugged explorers have nearly perished in their attempts. But for those who do make it, untold treasures await.

At least that’s what the mainstream media wants you to believe. Except that it’s a sandbar just off of Cape Point on Hatteras Island near Buxton, NC and arguably part of the point itself.

First, the articles:

Next, what the island really is. As the featured title image above shows, Chad Koczera took a photo with his drone (great shot!) towards the end of May of a sand bar that had formed off of Cape Point on Hatteras Island near Buxton, NC. At some point over the month of June, the story of this “new island” got legs, no doubt at least partly because it’s a great photo. Fortunately for us in this day and age, we have google earth with historical satellite photos so that we can take a look at Cape Point through time and determine if this is indeed a “new island” or not.

In the animated gif below, that starts with a satellite image of the point in February, 2017 and then tracks back in time to February, 1993, one can see the “island” beginning to form this past February. I’ve placed a red line just below the island and all that was needed at this point was for currents to bring in a few more inches of sand for the island to form. As the gif tracks back, you will see that Cape Point is in a constant state of flux with the point sometimes pointing towards the southwest as currents push it that way and as opposed towards the current southeast. More importantly, the point often extends to the red line south of the island as recently as 2014 and 2011. In 2006, the point extended south of the red line and in 2005, a sandbar suspiciously similar to the current sandbar was forming well south of the red line and current sandbar just after the 2004 photo showed virtually no point at all.

It’s not difficult to conclude that the sand in the shallow water of that area is constantly morphing as the currents do with it as they please. In fact, it’s basic earth science that coastlines are in a constant state of change, especially barrier islands (this was ninth grade when I was 14 years old in my school system, but others may be earlier). As for the reason this “island” forming is news, I believe the mainstream media has long-since tricked itself and others into believing coastlines are static as part of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming theory, which states we are all going to die from rising coast lines, among other things, and that without the industrial revolution, coastlines would be static (which has always been laughably stupid). It’s also is telling that if someone takes a nice photograph (in this case of the sandbar from the drone), the media will then build a fantastic story around it (without any sort of payment to the photog, I’m sure).

All of that having been said, many of the articles mention that it is simply a sandbar and that officials believe it could disappear at any time, but that is often at the end of the article after the average reader with the attention span of a 1.5 year old has long since moved on to the next bullshit article. I also have to give credit to the Huffington Post, which specifically reported someone stating the island is not a result of “climate change.” This is shocking for the HP, actually, but perhaps they note this because it’s new beach and not erosion taking place?

But some of the fantastic elements of this story show how bad media has become. The Mirror article can easily be thrown out as straight up tabloid nonsense (even though certainly some will believe it), but other articles probably aren’t thrown out as nonsense in people’s minds and those are fake news. The articles that mention shipwrecks and whale bones on this island are straight up fiction (and yet another embarrassment for fake news BBC), but a small amount of knowledge and research of the OBX shows how this information made its way into the article(s). The Diamond Shoals area of the OBX has long caused shipwrecks in the OBX area and research shows that Cape Point is considered the beginning of the Diamond Shoals area. As for the “whale bones”, the entrance to the Outer Banks by vehicle is known as “Whalebone Junction.” It’s called this because a businessman put a whale skeleton that had washed up south of Oregon Inlet at his gas station there and essentially renamed what was called “the junction” to Whalebone Junction. The whale bones aren’t there anymore.

As for the sharks and stingrays angle other articles take, yes, I’m sure sharks and stingrays are there, as they are everywhere in the Atlantic Ocean, but I doubt there’s any more there than at any other spot and I haven’t heard of any of the shell collectors getting eaten by sharks or stung by stingrays. As for it being a “land mass”, yes, I suppose it’s technically true, but I personally wouldn’t call a temporary sandbar a land mass.

I hate to have to use the term “debunked” because that’s what every global warming alarmist has used for any argument on the skeptic’s side since the mid-2000s and is way overused, but I believe the animated gif I made debunks the new island story. Looking at the satellite imagery and putting on my critical thinking cap, I believe that sandbar is simply a part of the point itself and within a few months the island will indeed “disappear” by joining the point to the north resulting in an elongated north-south oriented point seen in some of the satellite images before the currents take the point towards the southwest again before starting the whole cycle over. Or perhaps the seas will rise up and suddenly swallow us all as the current paradigm of climate science states.

June 20, 2017 was the date that would change the course of human history. A date the world would never forget. A date where enlightened human beings would finally overcome the obstacles of the past and build a utopia for not just us, but for all life on earth. A date where ordinary citizens of the United States would resist, break their chains and rise up, free themselves from the darkness of their captivity, elect the divine one and take the world to the promised land! June 20, 2017 was the date grassroots voters would loudly cry


Of course, I’m talking about the GA06 special election runoff where choosing Jon Ossoff would lead to this utopia and choosing Karen Handel would lead to a continued hell of despair. The election was a referendum on Trump, the devil himself and whether or not GA06 wanted to continue living in hell. At least according to Democrats and the mainstream media. A win for Ossof would be a repudiation of the devil, a win for Handel would be a devastating loss for the Democrats given all their hyperbole. In a repeat of the 2016 Presidential election, Nate Silver predicted an Ossoff win and the New York Times even brought out it’s election-meter thingamablob so people could track the Ossoff win in real time, which should have given PTSD flashbacks to Clinton supporters.

And again, of course, the Democrats lost the election. I have so many thoughts on this. First and foremost is a rhetorical question – are Democrats tired of losing yet? This isn’t the first local election to occur in the Trump presidency, there have been three others, and every one of them has supposedly been a referendum on Trump and supposedly a bellwether for 2018 and 2020.

And the Democratic candidate has lost all of them. Let that sink in.

I don’t have my own answer for my first question. At some point the Democrats are going to have to look in the mirror and realize their message of “we’re not Trump” isn’t working. I would have thought this would have happened after Clinton lost the Presidential election, but I was very wrong.

Second is another rhetorical question – are Democrats really that oblivious to the fact that their hyperbole surrounding these small local elections is a turn off to voters everywhere? My own answer to that question is a resounding “yes” because it’s obvious that Democrats still. don’t. get. it. I hadn’t seen this much hyperbole surrounding a cause since we all died of catastrophic anthropogenic global warming a decade ago. And this was just a simple local election between two douchenozzles!

Third, and this is the biggest one in my mind, is why the fuck would the Democratic party spend so much money on a local election that they were probably going to lose? It’s the most money spent on a house race in history and most places are reporting a figure of 27 to 30 million was spent on the Ossoff side. It doesn’t necessarily pass the smell test and raises the possibility that some sort of quasi-money laundering scheme is going on. Would that money not have been better going to a charity, feeding the homeless, school lunches, or whatever else? Certainly all the Democratic “consultants” benefited greatly from this influx of money from Martha’s Vineyard, Beverly Hills and Silicon Valley, as they did from the 1.4 billion Hillary Clinton spent on her epic failure of an election.

Fourth, this shit show nonsense had to have been a drag on living in that congressional district. Last year’s presidential election was bad enough – I was royally pissed off by receiving a single robocall on my home phone after 9:00pm after I got my kids to bed one night asking me to vote for Clinton in a state that a blind person could have seen would go Clinton. How bad was it for this GA06 election? Let’s take a look at Will Collier’s statement on the subject, a guy who lives in the district:

If you lived in the 6th, you were bombarded by fliers, signs, ads, door-knockers, and most of all, phone calls. At least once a day (and usually more than once), the phone would ring from an out-of-state area code.

First it was robocalls, then the last couple of weeks, call centers. They weren’t targeted. They were calling everybody, every day. And they wouldn’t take “Go to Hell” for an answer—trust me on this one.


One big factor that was missed by the national press: the sheer annoyance of the race. Not only did this special and the runoff extend the godawful 2016 election for another 8 months in a district where neither major nominee was remotely popular, the ridiculous amount of money that poured into the Ossoff campaign from out of state resulted in wall-to-wall ads.

You could not turn on the radio or TV without hearing/seeing a campaign commercial, and Ossoff’s fans seemed determined to cover every square inch of Georgia with “Jon Ossoff” signs. The state will probably have to dig a new landfill to get rid of them.

Fifth, the condescension (at best) and racism and sexism (at worst) towards voters from the Democrats isn’t working. Who would have thought voters would be turned off by the labeling as racist of all white people, as sexist rapists of all men, as homophobes of all heterosexuals who share concerns with men suddenly being allowed in women’s restrooms, as racist xenophobes of all who wish for immigrants to be vetted, as black-hating pigs of all police officers, as stupid meatheads of anyone in the armed forces protecting our country, as Islamaphobes of all who dislike being blown to bits in a suicide bombing, and deniers worse than Hitler of all those who believe adaptation is the best way to deal with climate change? That’s only a few of the many broad-brush strokes the Democratic party takes with American voters. Actually, it’s somewhat surprising it didn’t work because it’s worked for Democrats for decades, but is sure as shit isn’t working now. Let’s take a look towards the end of Will Collier’s post for his opinion on the subject, he seems like he has his finger close to the pulse of voters:

I’ll add another factor that the national media wants to ignore: the post- election temper tantrums on the Left. Once again, Trump isn’t popular in this district. But you know what’s a lot less popular?

Riots. Morons in black masks with clubs. Kids who’ve never thought about paying a mortgage telling you you’re a terrible person because you wouldn’t vote for a corrupt old liar in a pantsuit. Those things are really, really unpopular. And the Left’s bratty insistence that it deserves a do-over after it lost an eminently winnable election Isn’t getting any traction in middle America.

Today’s run of the usual suspects saying Ossoff lost because he didn’t go full Bolshevik are right up the same alley. And they’ll result in similar reactions in later elections, especially those that aren’t bolstered by $30 million in now-wasted activist money that simply filled coffers of Democratic consultants and advertisers and broadcasters.

But all they really succeeded in doing was pissing off the people they needed to get votes from. Bad strategy, bad politics.

You know what he didn’t cover? Democratic women (while disallowing Republican women) marching on Washington D.C. in pink vagina hats arguing for rights they already fucking have causing several school districts to close. Democratic college campuses shutting down basic free speech and making “safe spaces” from made up things like “microagressions.” Fuck you, how’s that for a microagression? Leftist mobs causing people like Doug Adler to lose their job because they’re too fucking stupid to understand the term guerrilla tennis is not “gorilla tennis” and has been in use in tennis since 1995 when Nike and Andre Agassi popularized it via advertising. All the while Democrats being hypocritical at every single turn, like politicians and celebrities lecturing everyone on the dangers of carbon dioxide pollution, then jetsetting around the country or living it up on their yacht.

Sixth, this is all because Hillary Clinton lost the election. When are Democrats going to admit Clinton was a terrible candidate? When are they going to admit that senile Nancy Pelosi, who believes herself to be a “master legislator” yet believes the current President is Bush (No, really. No, seriously, Yes, FOR REAL!), is dragging the party down too? Apparently it’s never going to happen and it’s jaw-droppingly stupid that it’s not. Older career politician baby boomers need to GTFO if the Democrats want to be taken seriously.

Seventh, does anyone pay attention to polling anymore? Polls are so obviously fake, it’s not even funny anymore. Ossoff was up by five percentage points on average in polls the week before the election and lost by four points. For those people who can’t do basic math, like all pollsters perhaps, that’s a difference of nine percentage points. The polls suddenly becoming even the day of the election was the giveaway that the poll numbers in the runup to this election were fraudulent.

Eighth, while I haven’t seen anything about it, I can only assume Democrats believe all of these local elections after the Presidential election were also “hacked by the Russians.” This paints a disturbing picture of Russians having infiltrated every little corner of America after Putin’s puppet, Trump, took over as President. Why hasn’t the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the Intelligence Community in general tried to put a stop to it? It’s obviously a clear and present danger to the USA that requires immediate action. Or, maybe the whole idea that the Russians hacked the election is complete and total bullshit and an insult to voter’s intelligence and always was. Perhaps repeatedly calling a legitimately elected President a traitor because your candidate was even worse wasn’t the best move?

Ninth, Democrats seem to be forgetting that they already lost this election once before in the special election on April 18 and were forgetting that the entire reason the special and runoff elections were taking place was because Tom Price left to be in the Trump administration. Democrats may need it completely spelled out for them: This GA06 election happened only because Trump was elected President.

Finally, my last thought is that all is not lost for the Democrats. These weren’t bellwether elections, that was all part of the bullshit hype. 2018 is an eternity away and Republicans are still a total train wreck now being led by a loose wrecking ball President, so another wave election could easily occur when (not if) voters get tired of the current douchenozzles. In the mean time, though, I would appreciate it if the Republicans would give the Democrats a charity win because I don’t know how much more hyperbole I can take from the Democrats and mainstream media.

This image appeared in my twitter feed a couple of times yesterday. I skipped over it not knowing the context since it was obviously a fake:

Turns out it’s real. CNN actually put this on TV. This is very scary for a number of reasons, the most of which is that we’re now beyond Poe’s Law.

Poe’s law is an adage of Internet culture that states that, without a clear indicator of the author’s intent, it is impossible to create a parody of extreme views so obviously exaggerated that it cannot be mistaken by some readers or viewers as a sincere expression of the parodied views.

The original statement of the adage, by Nathan Poe, was:

Without a winking smiley or other blatant display of humor, it is utterly impossible to parody a Creationist in such a way that someone won’t mistake for the genuine article.

It was bad enough not knowing what was real vs. what was basic satire for the past 20+ years in America, but now that what should be exceptionally obvious and stupid satire may actually be real means we’ve passed into a new phase of American stupidity. We live in disturbing times.

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