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The most common reference to a woman’s posterior in contemporary pop music comes in the form of the word booty. This is true for the past several decades of music as well. While the word booty and butt for the most part can be used interchangeably, this is not always the case. The word booty in pop music has a sexual connotation to it and while many times the word butt does as well, sometimes it is what it is: a butt. While many of the artists and their songs listed below refer to the butt in a sexual nature, they do not try to guise their objectification of this portion of a woman’s anatomy by referring to it as pirate treasure and more or less come out, call it what it is and make a song out of it. Artists were judged by a panel of three expert judges (consisting of me, myself and I) on the overall sound of their song, their lyrics, and album cover. More weight was given to the sound of the artist’s song and their lyrics than towards the album cover.

5. Wreckx-N-Effect – Rump Shaker – 1992

Wreckx-N-Effect uses brilliant artistic license in Rump Shaker by not titling the song Booty Shaker or Butt Shaker and instead uses a word normally associated with meat in the back of a grocery store. In fact, the word butt only appears once (in reference to a girl getting “butt naked”) and the word booty only appears three times in the song. Compare that to the word rump which appears 34 times in the song. When listening to the song, however, the artist’s message is clear: it’s about the butt. The following chorus is repeated 25 times:

“All I wanna do is zoom-a-zoom-zoom-zoom and a-boom-boom
Just shake your rump!”

With a chorus like that repeated 25 times, the song has to appear in a top five list of butt songs. Unfortunately, a mildly annoying saxophone solo plays repeatedly in the background and their album cover isn’t that great and doesn’t speak to the butt loving men that they are.

4. Sisqo – Thong Song – 2000

Sisqo’s Thong Song is an ode to the backside translated into a song without using the word butt or a variant of the word butt in the title. Here we learn that Sisqo apparently enjoys butts when they are barely covered in an undergarment known as a thong. Also, Sisqo was also able to figure out that thong and song rhymed when translating his ode to song format and was able to make a rhyming title of Thong Song. Ensuring that rhymes are eloquent and roll off the tongue nicely is an important part of the butt music genre.

Sisqo’s opening lyrics illustrate the butt’s importance to life:


“This thing right here / Is lettin all the ladies know / What guys talk about / You know / The finer things in life / Hahaha / Check it out”


Sisqo goes on to refer to a woman in the past tense, apparently one that he had previously met and in case one were to not know that he was referring to the butt he ensures the listener is aware of this:


“She had dumps like a truck truck truck / Thighs like what what what / Baby move your butt butt butt”


The fact that he is singing about her having “dumps like a truck” may lead one to believe that he is familiar with her bowel movements and that he may be a coprophiliac, but he is actually again still simply referring to the butt itself.

And of course Sisqo must inform the woman in the song to “All night long / Let me see that thong.”

Thong Song was heavily played in the spring and summer of 2000 and was heard regularly at beaches. For this reason, many people associate the song with the bathing suit thong and not the undergarment. Either one works however. Unfortunately Sisqo’s album cover isn’t that great as well and it is unclear what the significance is of Sisqo being in the clouds with white hair putting on what appears to be a white fur coat without any undershirt. Has he died of TMB (Too Much Butt) and gone to heaven?

3. LL Cool J – Big Ole Butt – 1989

The title lyric in LL Cool J’s Big Ole Butt is a essentially a rip-off of E.U.’s lyrics in Da Butt, the song that appears at number 2 on the list. LL Cool J’s song and remaining lyrics as well as the song appearing during the golden era of butt songs, however, qualify the song to be at number 3 on the list. LL cool J crafts a story where he meets a girl at a mall, has sexual relations with her, then dumps his current woman and tells her it is because the girl from the mall has a “big ole butt.” He then cycles through two more girls in the song. Here is the first third of the song:

“I was at the mall, sippin’ on a milkshake
Playin’ the wall, takin’ a break
Admirin’ the girls with the bamboo earrings
Baby hair and bodies built to swing
That’s when I seen her
Her name was Tina
Grace and poise kinda like a ballerina
I said, “How you doin’, my name’s Big L
Don’t ask me how I’m livin’, ’cause, yo, I’m living swell
But then again I’m livin’ kind of foul
‘Cause my girl don’t know that I’m out on the prowl
To make a long story short, I got the digits
Call her on my car phone and paid her a visit
I was spankin’ her and thankin’ her, chewin’ her and doin’ her
Layin’ like a king on sheets of satin
That’s what time it is, you know what’s happenin’
She had a big ole booty, I was doin’ my duty
I mean, yo, I admit that my girl’s a cutie
But Tina was erotic, Earl’s my witness
With the kind of legs that put stockings out of business
When I went home, I kissed my girl on the cheek
But in the back of my mind it was this big butt freak
I sat my girl down, I couldn’t hold it in
And said to her with a devilish grin…

Tina got a big ole butt
I know I told you I’d be true
But Tina got a big ole butt
So I’m leavin’ you
Tina got a big ole butt
I know I told you I’d be true
But Tina got a big ole butt
So I’m leavin’ you”

The song appeared on an album from LL Cool J titled Walking with a Panther. This album came out at a time where LL Cool J had lost a little popularity due to the changing face of rap music. Some fans and critics felt LL Cool J’s songs and style had become dated and that maybe LL Cool J was a little too soft for the emerging hard-core sound of rap. This album, coupled with a firm reminder from Big L that LL Cool J’s birth name is Ladies Love Cool James, silenced those critics and brought his fans back. Further proof of LL Cool J’s hardness comes through in his album cover, the best album cover in the group. In an alley crouching behind a black panther that is wearing a big gold chain, LL Cool J’s style speaks volumes. If one looks closely, one will also note a briefcase with an unlocked pair of handcuffs attached to it further indicating that he is hardcore. It is clear that LL Cool J is a big butt man.

2. E.U. – Da Butt – 1988

Most people remember the song Da Butt, so much so that it is considered an anthem. E.U. was a go-go band from Washington, D.C. and the song entered the mainstream radio waves after Spike Lee had it in his movie School Daze. Da Butt (translated to “The Butt”) is actually referring to a dance. E.U. stands for Experience Unlimited and what an experience Da Butt is – the opening lyrics go:

“Walked in this place
Surprised to see
A big girl getting busy
Just rocking to the go-go beat

The way she shook her booty
Surely looked good to me
I said, come here, big girl
Won’t you rock my world
Show that dance to me

She was doin’ Da Butt
Hey, pretty, pretty
When you get that notion
Put your back build in motion, honey
Doin’ Da Butt
Hey, sexy, sexy
Ain’t nothing wrong if you
Wanna do da butt all night long”

The song has high historical importance because it was directly responsible for entering a new phrase into the American public’s lexicon. Shortly after the participant in the song does “da butt ‘til it made [him] sore” the song enters a series of lyrics consisting of “[enter person’s name here] got a big ole butt! Oh yeah!” Men everywhere (at least me anyway) ever since have entered various people’s names into that phrase and shouted it out with only moderate fear of retribution.

Da Butt was a single and thus was not part of an album. When the song became popular, a single cover was released consisting of one of the characters from the movie School Daze with a big “Da Butt” overhead. In the cover below, a character played by an actor by the name of Giancarlo Esposito holds a bowl of dog food. While it is not readily readable in the image below, the text on the bowl states “DOG or DIE.” This is presumably related to hazing in the movie, as this was a portion of the plot line in the movie. While not a great cover, it is easily overlooked due to the importance of the song.

1. Sir Mix-A-Lot – Baby Got Back – 1992

While Sir Mix-A-Lot was never formally granted knighthood, his song Baby Got Back certainly allows Mix-A-Lot to anoint himself with the title of Sir. This song reached number 1 on the billboard charts for five weeks during the summer of 1992. The song opens with the voices of two “valley”-like girls commenting on a girl with a big butt stating she must “be one of those rap guys’ girlfriends” then launches into the song with “I like big butts and I cannot lie…” Everyone that is familiar with the butt genre can quote numerous sets of lyrics from this song. Judges were extremely impressed with Sir Mix-A-Lot’s decisive commentary on the modeling industry:

“I ain’t talkin’ bout Playboy
‘Cause silicone parts are made for toys
I want ’em real thick and juicy
So find that juicy double
Mix-a-Lot’s in trouble
Beggin’ for a piece of that bubble
So I’m lookin’ at rock videos
Watchin’ these bimbos walkin’ like hoes
You can have them bimbos
I’ll keep my women like Flo Jo”

And later in the song Sir Mix-A-Lot states:

“So Cosmo says you’re fat
Well I ain’t down with that!
‘Cause your waist is small and your curves are kickin’
And I’m thinkin’ bout stickin’
To the beanpole dames in the magazines:
You ain’t it, Miss Thing!
Give me a sista, I can’t resist her
Red beans and rice didn’t miss her”

Judges were also very impressed that Mix-A-Lot allowed the public a glimpse into how he plays the game so well as well as his distaste for spousal abuse:

“Some brothers wanna play that “hard” role
And tell you that the butt ain’t go
So they toss it and leave it
And I pull up quick to retrieve it”

And later in the song Sir Mix-A-Lot states:

“Some knucklehead tried to dis
‘Cause his girls are on my list
He had game but he chose to hit ’em
And I pull up quick to get wit ’em”

At the end of the song, Sir Mix-A-Lot also graciously affords women an opportunity to dial a help line if they are in trouble and are in a time of need:

“So ladies, if the butt is round,
And you want a triple X throw down,
Dial 1-900-MIXALOT
And kick them nasty thoughts
Baby got back!”

Sir Mix-A-Lot’s album cover for Mack Daddy is average, but Sir Mix-A-Lot came out with an over-the-top video for Baby Got Back featuring him and two women with back dancing. Again, this alone would be average for a video in the butt genre, but Sir Mix-A-Lot’s video features them dancing on top of a giant butt. The unforgettable song coupled with the unforgettable video makes the song number 1 on the list and would have allowed Sir Mix-A-Lot to declare himself King if he had wanted.

Sadly, the golden era of butt music left us a decade and a half ago. There is hope that since similar fads come around every generation or so, there may be a renaissance of butt music in five or ten years. But for now we are stuck with “pop-tarts” consistently “accidentally” showing us their fronts because they have little to no back. Songs like Thong Song in 2000 give us hope that in the mean time every once in a while an artist will go back to basics and bring us another great song.


Update July 18, 2017:

Many people think of Sir Mix-A-Lot and Baby Got Back as a one hit wonder. These people fail to realize that he had another well-known song:  Books! Check ’em out!