I haven’t watched the Ravens since I abandoned them after they kneeled in London for the Star-Spangled Banner, which originated in Baltimore, and then stood for God Save the Queen, thus confirming they hate America.

I was on twitter and saw that the kickoff temperature was 19 degrees and dropping and the coldest in Ravens home history. I also saw that if the Ravens won, they’re in the playoffs. They were playing the crappy Bungles (Bengals) and I mentioned this to my wife, who then turned on the game.

Further looking at twitter showed that John Harbaugh was mad at the NFL for changing the game time, saying that it would hurt attendance. Obviously, he was deflecting blame for the poor attendance all year in Baltimore. This was the latest in a wide variety of excuses – I saw local Baltimore people blame “the economy” yesterday and others blame the fact that the Ravens aren’t fun to watch.

Or it could be that whole Ravens-hate-America thing. Also, curiously absent on the excuse list was the fact that Baltimore’s murder rate per capita was the highest in history for 2017.

Future revisionists will state Lewis was not kneeling for the anthem, but must have had his legs removed at the knee from an unfortunate accident, or something.

Anyway, further research showed that there were ten playoff scenarios and that the Ravens were in the playoffs in nine of the ten scenarios. The one scenario where they didn’t go to the playoffs was if they lost and the Titans and Bills won.

Lots of people apparently assumed they were going to make the playoffs with many people saying the Ravens had the best chance of beating the Patriots in the playoffs (WTF?). Former Ravens coach Brian Billick put a bit more of an official stamp on that thought saying the Ravens are a “dark horse team that maybe could go all the way” on the NFL network.

Even ESPN had projected the Ravens at a 97% chance of getting into the playoffs according to their “Football Power Index”, whatever made up crap that is.

Hmmm…that last part is a parallel to a certain Presidential election in 2016. What could possibly go wrong?

Of course, I was rooting for the Bungles. I didn’t watch much of the first half, but from what I saw, the Ravens came out playing horrid, especially their receivers who dropped pass after pass. Then the second half came, and the Ravens played a bit better, came back to take the lead along with some help from the officiating, then pissed it away here:

My son remarked how he liked the way I laughed when this play happened. It was quite amusing. I laughed and laughed because the Bills and Titans had either outright won their game or were wrapping up a win at the point that Dalton-Boyd bullet occurred.

I do believe this is why you play the game. Hillary Clinton, I mean Baltimore Ravens, you suck. LMFAO!

These images aren’t mine; I culled them from twitter.