The first season, Murder House, was excellent. The second season, Asylum, was excellent too. The third season, Coven, was halfway decent, but had some serious problems at times. I took a break from it in the middle of the fourth season, Freak Show, because I found that season to be rather boring. When I found out Jessica Lange wasn’t going to be in it any more after Freak Show, I didn’t return to watch the rest of that season or show.

Fast forward a couple of years and I read that Lena Dunham, who admitted to sounding an awfully lot like an incestual child molester, is going to be in the seventh season. From Lange to Dunham is a remarkable decline and an affront to the other actresses and actors on the show, who are great. Even stranger, a related article advertisement from this past February stated the next season (7) will be about the 2016 Presidential Election.

What the fuck? I had to verify that it was a real article and not satire, given that the world is now beyond Poe’s Law. Sure enough, Wikipedia references that the writer, “[Ryan] Murphy has said that the season will be representative of both sides of the political divide; however, the writer says he will be ‘illuminating and highlighting’ groups of people he believes to be ‘ignored by the current [Trump] administration and who are afraid and feel terrorized that their lives are going to be taken away.'”

So basically, it’s going to be about political bullshit. Let me guess – Trump is literally Hitler and sends all the people who were literally shaking when he was elected to gas chambers. Yea, it will be horror, that’s for sure, just not in the way it will be intended.