Not as good as the reviews stated. While a great war movie from a technical perspective, I was expecting the film to be a little more about the flotilla of some 800 private boats that saved the soldiers at Dunkirk. The movie instead followed a couple of people on the ground/sea, a couple of people in the air, and one private boat.

It was tough to connect to the characters and one of the character’s deaths could be smelled as soon as the character was introduced at the beginning of the movie. And the film was practically a silent movie with nameless characters making for some boring patches. When the flotilla finally arrived kicking off the third act or so, only 8 or 10 boats were shown and the cheering that ensued felt awkward and forced given that there was no emotional connection to the characters.

Nolan also jumps around a bit in time between thee three different subplots and this was unnecessary. The cinematography was gorgeous, but there were a couple of obvious CGI scenes, one towards the end where the entire shot of a plane flying over Dunkirk and its beach was entirely CGI and there was another that was half CGI on the right and both looked a bit awkward.

Ultimately, this is a fairly forgettable Nolan film despite the technical achievements.

Grade: B-