For the uninitiated, Charlie Gard is a baby boy in the United Kingdom with a rare genetic condition known as mitochondrial DNA Depletion Syndrome. The hospital he was being treated at decided they were going to withdraw medical care for the boy, thus causing him to die. The parents wanted to explore further treatment for their child because a couple of American doctors believed further treatment was possible, while the parents also raised the money for treatment in America via crowdsourcing. The hospital refused to release the boy and the parents then sued the hospital and the case went through numerous UK courts, and an EU court with all of the courts deciding in favor of the hospital.

While the court cases were going on, Charlie Gard became somewhat of a cause célèbre for Americans on the right side of the political spectrum, stating that a panel had decided Gard would die and that the hospital was holding him hostage while the court cases were being argued allowing his condition to further deteriorate as time went on to ensure that Gard died. The right argues that this is what would happen if socialized health care came to the United States.

Wesley J. Smith, who seems pretty knowledgeable on the subject, notes earlier in July:

“This is where Charlie Gard’s case is breaking new and even more authoritarian ground. Not only are doctors and judges forcing Charlie off life-support; they are also declaring that their ethics rule over Charlie’s life, even if the parents—Chris and Connie Gard—find alternative care. As far as I know, this is unprecedented in futile-care controversies.”

Everything I’ve read so far indicates that the Republicans and conservatives who are harping about the Charlie Gard case are…wait for it…entirely 100% correct. The first indication that the right was probably legitimately on to something was the initial complete blackout of coverage of the Gard case from the [extremely left] mainstream media. But, that’s not conclusive. The second, and critical piece of information to me, is that the parents did indeed raise the needed 1.2 million pounds via GoFundMe by the end of April. So, at any point during the three months from the end of April through the end of July, the hospital could have released the baby boy to the parents for treatment without fear of it costing the United Kingdom.

By July 24, the parents of Gard withdrew their request to fly Charlie to America and their challenge to the removal of ventilation because the American doctor who was going to treat Gard believed Gard now had irreversible damage from the disease. On July 28, 2017 Charlie Gard died in hospice after the judge denied the parents’ request to allow Charlie to die at home.

So, Charlie Gard was held hostage by the hospital and his condition was indeed allowed to further deteriorate when there was no legitimate reason to allow it to happen. The July events also showed that the parents of Gard were OK with ending treatment after going through all of the available options, something that apparently the hospital, and by extension the United Kingdom, felt that Gard’s parents were incapable of doing on their own. The July events also showed that the state continued to believe it owned the boy in his last days, even after his parents agreed to withdraw treatment.

Back in 2009, the left harped on Sarah Palin’s comments that “death panels” would decide to “euthanize grandma” if socialized health care came to America. It seemed at the time it was obvious scare tactics on Palin’s part and fully warranted at least some ridicule, but now that a socialized health care death panel from one of our biggest allies has decided to kill a baby boy, it doesn’t seem so worthy of ridicule now. This comes a few years after Palin was proven correct about Russia becoming more of a problem during the Obama administration and doing things such as invading the Ukraine, something she had predicted and was ridiculed for too.

Tack on the fact that Senate Republicans universally denounced Obamacare back in 2009 stating it was simply a step towards single-payer and Democrats universally sang the “Republicans are paranoid” song, then later admitted that Obamacare was meant to simply be a step towards single payer and you have the Republicans looking like they were speaking closer to the truth about what was going on with the bigger picture of health care in America.

This 2009 image was supposed to be satirical.

In the final weeks of Gard’s life, the judge in the Gard case has gone out of his way to address a couple of times the social media furor from the American right over the Gard case claiming the state is killing him by stating that the state is not killing him.

The “Honourable” Mr Justice Francis has in one of his comments from July 24, 2017 addressing this notion:

 Our judges are fiercely independent of the state and make decisions, having heard evidence and having considered the law.

It’s been maddingly stupefying reading his comments – where do the “fiercely independent”  judges in the United Kingdom courts get their law from? Is it not the United Kingdom? Am I missing something here or is Francis full of shit?

I’ve seen numerous others from the United Kingdom that don’t see what the problem is here either. What’s going on here is a fundamental difference in ideology between the United States and the United Kingdom. People in the United Kingdom are so entrenched in their culture lacking some freedoms that they don’t know or understand what those freedoms are. It’s no different from the incompatibilities between Western ideology and Islamic ideology that produces Sharia law. Now I fully and truly understand why America fought a bloody revolutionary war to get away from the British ideology. While they’re our friends, their treatment of their people is obviously shit and has occurred for so long that many in the UK consider it completely normal.

America, FUCK YEAH!

This case also does indeed highlight problems with socialized health care. I will be the first to admit that I don’t know the intricacies of United Kingdom health care. Shit, I don’t even know or understand American health care – Obamacare, the insurance companies, politicians and the media have done a more than adequate job of obfuscating everything related to health care law here in the states. But, the United Kingdom’s health care system has been advertised as a “gold standard” of single-payer health care. The parents of Charlie Gard took him to the hospital after being born healthy, but not gaining much weight after a couple of months. Then, the hospital held him hostage. So, the hospital, and by extension, the state, did believe it owned Charlie Gard under whatever health care system it has. While there’s a debate as to whether single-payer healthcare truly constitutes socialism, states believing they own someone is a very strong indicator of socialism. If it’s not technically socialism, it’s certainly socialism in practice.

Here in the states, anyone with common sense (and I know not a lot of people have that) knows that when a doctor lays down some heavy news, a second opinion is always warranted, no matter how much you like the doctor or how knowledgeable they appear to be. Doctors don’t always know what they’re talking about either, like at all, even within their own specialized field. For me, I was told my headaches were obviously the result of allergies and sinus issues for nearly FORTY FUCKING YEARS before it was discovered there was a slow growing cancer in the middle of my brain that was likely there since early childhood. Doctors missed the tumor on CT scans of my sinuses that included my brain in the mid-2000s and it could have been treated then, instead it was 2016 before any sort of treatment could begin. Gard’s parents not being allowed to explore the second opinion under their health care system, that they were ready and willing to pay for, is astonishing. Apparently if they wanted the ability to have a second opinion on a major health issue, the parents shouldn’t have taken him to a UK hospital from the start. But how would they have known that, or why would they be thinking that when all they were doing was trying to figure out why he wasn’t gaining weight at the moment?

The Charlie Gard case never passed any smell test and the more one whiffs with their nose, the more the nasty stink of socialism sets in. The right appears right on this one when it says this is an example of socialized health care being about big government control over the individual first with health care coming second, perhaps a distant second. As a father of two children, I can’t imagine being told one or both of them has a terminal disease, told they are going to be entered into palliative care and not being allowed to obtain a second opinion. Technically Sarah Palin was wrong about socialized health care euthanizing grandma; socialized health care euthanizes the grandchild.


Speaking of Obmacare, Republicans somehow, and almost unimaginably, now fully own it and all of its myriad problems. Voters have asked Republicans to repeal it for 7 years now and it’s clear that it will never be repealed given the latest antics with McCain making a dramatic entrance in the meeting to vote yes to set the next meeting then voting no to a repeal in the next meeting. Once again, this proves to me that there is no actual difference between the two parties when it comes to Congress and that it is just one large establishment party, a sentiment I’ve held for 15 years. Many voters who voted in Trump fully own Obamacare now as well given that the entire point of the “Trump Train” they all jumped on was that Trump was a master negotiator and would finally be able to work with a Republican Congress to get it repealed.

Gonna repeal Obamacare! WOO WOO!

The reported reason some Republicans voted no was because they didn’t want to simply repeal it without another option in place. Well, I’m not even a Republican and would rather have had a straight repeal than a system that is a step towards death panels.


Not to stir the pot any further or anything, but when I was reading up on the Gard case, a little voice in the back of my head briefly piped up and spoke a couple of times. It said “Charlie Gard may be being denied treatment because he’s a white male.” It’s no secret that the left in the west is currently waging a war on both men and white people. It does make me wonder if the hospital’s decision would have been different if Charlie was named Charlene or if they would have made the same decision and then buckled under the pressure of being called misogynist from everyone on the left. Add to that a bonus for the left if Charlene was black and we may have even seen the UK pay for her treatment in the United States to avoid being called both racist and misogynist. No doubt the judges in the case would have ruled differently if it even came to the courts.

The UK, like much of the rest of Europe, has been busy purposely importing every race and culture out there because it’s politically correct to do so. That’s no secret either. If you have a backwards mentality of owning people’s lives while all this importing is occurring, I suppose you can also have a mentality that believes you can’t have white people babies screwing things up.


Speaking of the UK and political correctness, Paul Joseph Watson has an excellent video out discussing just this. I haven’t watched him in a while, but I think I’m going to have to watch him more given the amusement I felt watching this one:

This was the best thing I’ve seen all July.


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