It’s been nearly two weeks since the mass shooting in Las Vegas and now only two things are clear:

1) No information on motive will ever be released, and

2) Whatever information they have is too much of a national security risk to go public and the FBI and Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department would rather be viewed as grossly incompetent.

Whether or not I believe in a conspiracy theory isn’t necessarily a binary yes/no answer from me and the Las Vegas shooting is no different. I actually have four categories – 1) nothing going on, 2) more information is needed, 3) something’s up, and 4) there’s a conspiracy. For the first week or so, I didn’t see a need to believe in any conspiracy theories about the mass shooting until more information came out, but it was in stage 2 of conspiracy theories simply because more information was needed. It smelled odd at the start, but I figured the air would clear fairly quickly.

To my surprise, the past week has pushed it into somewhere between stage 3 “something’s up” territory and stage 4 “it’s a conspiracy” since the FBI and LVMPD are continuously changing their story and Jesus Campos, the guy who was supposedly a Mandalay Bay security guard that first came into contact with Paddock has gone missing right before he was set to do a number of interviews with the media. Instead of Campos, a “maintenance guy” suddenly appeared as another witness that conveniently allowed for either a fourth or fifth official timeline (I can’t keep track) to be released, a timeline that MGM/Mandalay Bay has openly questioned. Add to that the investigation was finally forced to admit yesterday that Paddock checked in to the hotel three days earlier than they previously stated, a fact that Laura Loomer of all people reported TEN DAYS before while simultaneously not allowing her into the press conference where this information was released, and you have something that smells very rotten.

There’s a reason for conspiracy theories to arise and that’s when either a major news event occurs and people simply want to capitalize on it (9/11 was an inside job, moon landing faked, etc.) or when there’s an information vacuum surrounding an event. With the Las Vegas mass shooting, there’s both and given that journalists stopped practicing journalism long ago, there’s very little hope of more information coming out. The Las Vegas mass shooting will be discussed for years, even decades to come in conspiracy theory circles and justifiably so. The LVMPD getting upset that people want some fucking straight answers is disingenuous at best given that Las Vegas probably has among the highest amount of security features in the world and the feds know better than I do the porn clips I looked at last night. Fuck you, give us some answers.